little delirium at 1,5 meters

Looking for a place to sit at Amsterdam Central Station? Then you are at the right place at Little Delirium Café. Not only can you enjoy over 100 specialty beers with us, but you can also drink coffee, lunch and dinner with us. Due to the corona measures we have had to make some adjustments and here you can find all information.


Sandwich Little Delirium

A night out doesn’t have to be complicated to succeed, even in the Corona era. We did, however, have to make adjustments in order to be able to follow government regulations.

  • Reservations can be made upfront but is not obligated anymore. 
  • We can place 2 persons per table. With more people, multiple tables are reserved for you. A joint household may sit together at a table. Please indicate this when making the reservation.
  • It is not necessary to make a reservation for the terrace. However, the 1.5-meter requirement is maintained if there are more than two people and it is not a joint household

HygienE measures

Delirium Hotdog Deal

Dining in Amsterdam while enjoying your favorite specialty beer? Then you’ve come to the right place. As the only specialty beer café on a train station, we have prepared dishes that go together with different beer styles. We start again with 10 special specialty beers on tap and of course our 100 bottle beers.

Not a beer lover? Then you are of course also welcome for a bite to eat with a nice glass of wine.

  • The café and terrace are equipped to the 1.5 meter requirement.
  • Hygiene points have been made with disinfection products.
  • The café and terrace are equipped with signs and markings.
  • Extra cleaning is done.
  • Due to the 1.5 meter requirement, we have set up service points where you can order and pick up. Screens have been installed here to protect guests and our staff.
  • Employees keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other and employees who walk around the shop wear a mask and gloves.
  • We ask our guests to pay by pin / contactless. The payment terminals are cleaned regularly.
  • With regard to our suppliers, we observe the 1.5 meters and in addition, delivery takes place at the door.
  • Extra hygiene measures have been taken in our kitchen. Employees should wash their hands every 30 minutes and work with a face mask.





  • Young Goudse Cheese – € 5,50
  • Old Goudse Cheese – € 6,50
  • Dried meat – € 6.50


  • Delirium hotdog  – € 6,50
  • Tomato soup – € 5,50
  • Delirium Stew with fries – € 14,50


  • Dutch mini croquettes (6)- € 5,50
  • Veggie croquettes (6)  – € 7,00
  • Cheese sticks (6) – € 6,50
  • Veggie spring rolls (6) – €7,50
  • Chicken nuggets (6) – € 6,50
  • Mixed snack platter (12) – €11,50


  • Grill sausage – € 7,00
  • Nachos – € 9,95